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We enable organizations to create more equitable AI through education. We hold workshops, give training, and provide learning material to raise awareness, build knowledge, and ease your creation of equitable AI.

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We work together with you on your challenges and guide you to resolve them

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We enable you to create feminist AI with education on biases,  power, and AI

Logo feminist AI Black on Black


We create learning material to educate and guide you in your AI projects

Our Workshop on
Fair AI Prompting

Hintergrund mit Farbverlauf


Generative AI outcomes today

Today, generative AI outcomes often replicate biases and stereotypes against marginalized people. In this workshop, we will look into several examples and discuss their implications. Moreover, we discover how these problems arise.


Fair AI prompting strategies

Fair AI prompting is not always easy to do and requires patience, creativity, and reflection. We look into examples of prompting towards more equitable outcomes, collect learnings, and come up with fair AI prompting strategies.


From theory to practice

We try out, what we have learned with picture and image generative AIs. We iteratively do this, reflecting step by step and comparing our results. In this process, we apply theory to practice to have strategies at hand for future use of generative AI.

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